Posted by: travelrat | September 27, 2015

Travel Theme: Fruit

DSC_0455For some time now, the ‘Food Police’ have been telling us that we must eat our ‘five a day’; that is, five portions of fruit or vegetables. A short while ago, they added that your ‘five a day’ should contain as many different colours as possible. And, I’m wondering … does a banana really contain different ‘good stuff’ as an orange does?

But, there is no doubt that a fruit bowl, whether in your own home or as a welcome gift from where you’re staying, is more pleasing if there’s an arrangement of different coloured fruits, of varying shapes and sizes. Last time we had a ‘welcome fruit bowl’ on a cruise ship, I recall there were bananas, oranges, apples, apricots and kiwi fruit.

Maybe there’s such a thing as fruit arranging classes? I can’t really say I’ve come across such, but there are flower arranging classes, so why not? If anyone ever takes up this idea, just remember where you got it from!

I don’t think there’s anyone, though, who can do fruit displays like market traders, especially if there are more fruit stalls on the market. If you want to sell your fruit, it’s a big advantage if you can arrange your product more attractively than the opposition.

Sadly, I don’t eat much fruit these days, for the doctor told me I must take it easy on the sweet stuff. But, I can still look, admire … and photograph!

DSC_0082Ailsa’s theme this week is Fruit. See more fruity stuff at

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