Posted by: travelrat | September 24, 2015

Durrington Update

Durrington Walls

Since the new discoveries made at Durrington Walls, I’ve received quite a few hits on the two posts I’ve already made about the place … the subject now needs bringing up to date.

For some time, I’ve been wondering why the henge is D-shaped, not circular. D for Durrington, maybe? Hardly likely; there was, of course, no written language around that time, and we don’t know what the settlement was called then, anyway. But, possibly, the explanation was found only recently, when it was announced that a survey by ground-penetrating radar revealed that, buried under the earth of the henge were up to 90 stones, which once were standing stones in a line leading to … what?

Of course, the Press seized on it and proclaimed that ‘ … the history of Stonehenge would have to be re-written’ … or words to that effect. But, at the moment, nothing’s been proved or disproved; just a few interesting facts and new ideas have been added to the mix.

Shortly after the discoveries were announced, I received a message from a friend. Do you have any pictures of Durrington Walls I can use in my blog? Yes, there’s some I took last year, I replied.

‘I was thinking of the last couple of days; since they made the announcement about the stones’

‘But, there’s nothing to see!’

‘That’s precisely the point I’m trying to make!’

So, with a couple of hours to spare, on a nice day, I caught the bus to Durrington. And, as I predicted, there was nothing to indicate the recent discoveries, except the Walls and Woodhenge were a little more frequented than they usually are.

One of the theories advanced so far is that the great sarsens of Stonehenge were originally positioned here, and the ones they didn’t need simply pushed over and buried. However, one exception was the Cuckoo Stone, a couple of fields away. It’s lying on its side, but the socket hole in which it once stood was found a few years ago. It’s been suggested by some that it MAY have been part of the complex.

Among the visitors was a Russian TV crew … had they really come over to film this? They asked me if I would walk along the henge towards them, to give an idea of the scale of the thing, and it was only after I got home that I realised I was wearing a T-shirt with the address of my blog on it. But, the influx of hits from Russia hasn’t happened yet!

TV Crew, Durrington



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