Posted by: travelrat | September 22, 2015

Philipsburg Slide Show


St Maarten: 24th March 2015.

It wasn’t until I started sorting photos for my ‘Stroll around Philipsburg’ slide show that I spotted something I hadn’t noticed before. Just about any guidebook tells you that you must see the old Courthouse, built in 1793. But, what had escaped notice was that the sign on the wall is in English!

Similarly with ‘Old Street’ … in a Dutch possession, wouldn’t it be ‘Oude Straat’? In fact, as you’ll see from the pictures, most signs are in English … (American English; you may note a ‘jeweler’ rather than a ‘jeweller’)

There’s still a vague Dutch atmosphere about the architecture … even though there’s not a clog, tulip or windmill in sight. But, there are places which look faintly Australian … plus a large slice of uniquely West Indian.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. I adore how colourful everything is– buildings especially! Great photos, Keith. Also, I had no idea you could do slideshows on WordPress blogs. Thanks for educating me; shall definitely be attempting one soon-ish 🙂

    • It’s easy enough; you upload your pictures in the normal way, create a gallery then select the ‘Display as slide show’ option. Saves a lot of scrolling down if you want to show a lot of pictures.

  2. beautiful photos as always, could be a guide book 🙂

    • Thank you! Glad you like them; many more to come.

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