Posted by: travelrat | September 6, 2015

Travel Theme: Dogs


Ailsa’s theme this week is ‘Dogs’, because it was International Dog Day last week. Since it was also ‘Throwback Thursday’, I posted on Facebook a picture of our faithful Bilbo, who, sadly, set off for That Great Dog Basket in the Sky fifteen years ago.

We never replaced him, for a recent lifestyle change meant we travelled more … and the mournful expression on his face when we put him in boarding kennels, or even left him with friends really tugged the heartstrings.

‘Miserable buggers! Take me with you!’ he seemed to be saying.

Mind you, the temptation to get another dog was always there; for the first few months, quite a few people told us about ‘… so-and-so, whose Labrador just had a litter’ But, we resisted … and nearly fell when a neighbour came by with her new Labradoodle. And, a few days later, I met someone with a Goldiedoodle … a cross between a poodle and a Golden Retriever.

But, I moved on from Labradors and associated breeds a couple of years ago. In Alta, Norway, far above the Arctic Circle, we took a sled dog ride. I wasn’t expecting great things, having been offered rides in the past on horses and camels that weren’t in the best condition.

These dogs, however, were active and healthy, and seemingly keen to be off and running. And, the mutual love and respect those animals and their handlers had for each other was plain to see.

So, the husky has replaced the Labrador as my favourite breed … which puts it right out of court for us. Our house and garden just aren’t big enough. And, can you imagine a dog that large and powerful trying to get into bed with you?


For more doggy tales, visit Ailsa at ‘Where’s My Backpack?’

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