Posted by: travelrat | September 3, 2015

Little Ships; Big Ships

St Maarten: 24th March 2015.

We sailed into Sint Maarten for the second time on this trip, to yet another spectacular sunrise. We aren’t getting many sunsets, though; we’re usually at dinner when they happen. Until tonight, when we went to the dining room by way of the open deck … and I didn’t have a camera with me!

SM3 Sunrise

We moored alongside the Norwegian Getaway, which we last saw through a restaurant window on a rainy day in Southampton …and if anyone thought the Costa Mediterranea was a big ship, just compare it with the Norwegian Getaway. It completely dwarfed our ship, which showed how ‘medium’ in size it is.

SM1 Mediterranea and Getaway

There was another example on the other side of the dock, where two P&O ships were berthed. I thought, at first, of a mother and baby. Adonia is a lovely compact SHIP; Azura is just a floating hotel.

SM2 Azura and Adonia

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