Posted by: travelrat | August 30, 2015

Travel Theme: Feet

In media circles, they used to refer to the summer months as the ‘silly season’. Parliament was in recess; the Queen and the Royal Family were up at Balmoral, so there wasn’t a lot going on. So, a lot of lightweight trivia found its way into the most austere news bulletins.

It’s the same where I live; we don’t really go anywhere or do anything in the height of summer because of the school holidays and the crowds. We much prefer the quieter (and cheaper!) ‘shoulder season’.

So, around this time of year, I’m often short of ‘blogunition’ … until I came across ‘Where’s My Backpack?’  ( ) Every Friday, blogmeister Ailsa produces a theme, and invites bloggers to post on that theme. And, this week’s theme is ‘FEET’

Now, what is there to say about feet? Not a lot; although they’re one of the more useful parts of the human body, they’re probably the ugliest, especially if you don’t take proper care of your toenails. But, there’s a lot to say about shoes. For instance, which are your ‘most travelled’ shoes? Which have touched the ground in the most countries?

A difficult one, for I don’t keep records of which shoes I took with me on my travels. But, there are photographs! I just paged back through six years of photographs, reliving six years of going places while doing so, and counted the number of times my shoes appeared in the pix.

And, wouldn’t you know? I came up with the tattiest and smelliest pair of shoes I own! But, they’re probably the most comfortable, and also my favourites!


Check out Ailsa’s post at


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