Posted by: travelrat | August 19, 2015

The Island Bus

Island Bus, Grand Bahama

Freeport: 21st March 2015

While most Bahamians who don’t have cars seem to get around in fairly modern minibuses, for the tourists, there’s the Island Bus. This, I think, is what public transport in the islands used to be like … chunky, brightly painted vehicles with no glass in the windows … probably, they never had … that have seen better days. We’d already had experience of an open-sided bus, albeit a more modern one, designed for touring, on Grand Turk.

But, these were more traditional vehicles, which looked as it they had seen better days. They just provided a shuttle service between the cruise terminal and Port Lucaya; a ten-minute drive normally, but half an hour in these delightful puddle-jumpers, crawling along at 20 mph.

Or, maybe ‘bouncing along’ would be a better phrase. It would be easy to assume there’s no MoT inspection, or even a driving test in the Bahamas, for neither of the two drivers we rode with seemed to have much idea about how to control a manual gear box … which frequently demonstrated why it’s sometimes called a ‘crash box’.


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