Posted by: travelrat | July 31, 2015

Yu Gardens, Shanghai

GH Yu Gardens

Shanghai: 22nd May 2014.

It seems that, if you were a Government official in old China, you had to have a garden. Yu Gardens is yet another garden on the tour. It might be thought that we might be getting a bit ‘gardened out’ by now, but, as Pan Yu Duan, the builder of the garden back in the 16th Century, it’s a place to go to escape the bustle of the world outside. In fact, the garden was built, not for Pan Yu Duan, but for his parents, so they could enjoy a peaceful and tranquil old age.

Of course, it’s open to the public now, but it didn’t seem as crowded as other places we’ve been, and I’m wondering if it’s just that we’re getting used to the crowds?

Our final visit of the day, and of the tour, was to the French Concession, supposedly to admire the architecture which, in truth, wasn’t all that impressive. Apart from a square with a pretty fountain and an outdoor café which sold German beer.

It was a bit pricey, but it was our last day in China, and it was most welcome! And that’s the end of the ‘China Diary’. But, stick around. There’s still a slide show and some video to come.

GI French Concession


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