Posted by: travelrat | July 27, 2015

Take it out … or not?

Barnard Castle 2

I once read somewhere that ‘Digital manipulation can make a good picture great, but it won’t make a bad picture good’

I used to think that digital manipulation was just a prop for lazy photography, but soon changed my mind. We already move around to get the best angle, or even position ourselves so as to exclude the rubbish skip or intrusive sign. We might even pick up the odd bit of litter, or just wait until the winner of Disgusting Shirt 2015 has moved on. So, what’s wrong with a bit of manipulation?

Of course, manipulation has been around long before they invented digital photography. Check the window of any estate agent, where they can show the grimiest hovel in town to advantage. And, there’s always been the techniques of ‘dodging’ and ‘burning’, although it took some level of skill to do these. Whereas, with digital, almost anyone with reasonable computer skills can do it.

The question is often raised … should I take it out, or leave it in, in the interests of accuracy? My rule in such circumstances … although it’s by no means a hard and fast one … is ‘If it won’t be here next week, it’s okay to take it out’

Here’s some pictures I took at Barnard Castle the other week, which I have ‘breathed upon’. I won’t say what I did; I’ll leave you to ‘spot the difference’.

Barnard Castle 2m


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