Posted by: travelrat | July 20, 2015

Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle 3

Barnard Castle: 6th July 2015

Since we weren’t in a great rush to get to Darlington, we thought we’d alleviate a rather dull drive along the A66 with a short side-trip to Barnard Castle.

The town, known locally as ‘Barney Castle’, or sometimes just ‘Barney’ takes its name from the ruined castle overlooking the River Tees. The castle takes its name from Bernard de Balliol, who founded it in the 12th Century.

It passed into the Nevill family, and, eventually, into the hands of Richard III, who acquired it through his Queen, Anne Nevill. His symbol, the boar, can be seen carved above a window. After Richard’s death at Bosworth, the castle fell into disuse and ruin.

We didn’t stay very long, because of a slight drizzle. But, we managed to park fairly near the castle, and took a short walk to photograph the castle from the outside, and the magnificent bridge over the River Tees.

The castle looks like it would be worthy of a further inspection in better weather on a future date. And, that’s highly likely, for it’s in the care of English Heritage, which means I can get in for nothing.



  1. We were here recently. The parish church is worth a look in, too–the heads of the chancel arch are depictions of Richard as Duke of Gloucester and Edward IV, his brother and date from their lifetime. The head of Richard looks quite crudely worked at first glance, but if you overlie it over an image of his facial reconstruction, the general face shape & size/cheekbones and eye sockets match quite eerily. His boar is also carved on the church and in the town.

    • Thanks! I shall pass this on to my friends, who are devout Ricardians, next time I see them. And, I do intend to make a future visit. I go to Darlington fairly often.

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