Posted by: travelrat | July 13, 2015


Japanese food isn’t just sushi. And, you don’t have to travel to Japan to taste it. Wagamama is a restaurant chain specialising in Japanese food and, mainly out of curiosity, we tried the one in the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton.

Sometimes, through the window, there’s a view of a cruise ship in the port; when this doesn’t happen, you can enjoy the view of the back of IKEA.

But, the service is good and, although the menu is a little restricted, the food is excellent. I had the beef massaman curry, which the waitress said was a new line, and proving very successful. Lorraine had the chicken raisukaree.

Chopsticks are provided, with the option of western cutlery if you can’t manage them. I had no problem with chopsticks … I like to practice from time to time, just to keep my hand in, but it seems a bit like riding a bicycle. Once you’ve mastered the art, you never forget how to do it.

But, I did need the spoon to deal with every last drop of that delicious gravy. I suppose I could have soaked it up with the rice I had left, and continued to use chopsticks … but I really couldn’t manage that much rice.


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