Posted by: travelrat | July 3, 2015

At Sea

Captain Marco Derin

Captain Marco Derin

Costa Mediterranea:

It was quite a distance from St. Maarten to Grand Turk, so that day was the first of our many ‘At Sea’ days. We had hoped we would spot whales or dolphins, or something, but all we saw was what we thought was a school of flying fish. But they were so small, and we were up on Deck 9, so they looked more like a cloud of insects, so we couldn’t be certain.

We attended what we thought would be a Port Lecture about Grand Turk and Freeport. What we actually got was a presentation by the Shopping Consultant on where to find the best bargains at these places. I nearly walked out … after all, if I need shopping, I can always catch a bus into Salisbury or Southampton. But, Guilliermo was an amusing and engaging speaker, so I stayed.

On other cruises, the Port lectures are usually informative and entertaining, but the only other one we had was telling us about the excursions we could go on … which we knew about already.

In the evening was the Gala Night and the Captain’s Cocktails … at which, as is usual, the Captain introduced himself and his officers. Which, once again, had me wondering who was driving the ship? But. Captain Mauro Bellamo was leaving the ship at Miami, and Captain Marco Derin taking over. That means we’ll have two Captain’s Galas this trip!

Many of the passengers were also disembarking at Miami, but only a few getting on. There would be only one sitting at dinner, and the ‘Chinese Whispers’ on board said the ship would be only about a third full.

I suppose the reason is that the ship needs to be repositioned in the Mediterranean, but few people fancy the many ‘At Sea’ days of a transatlantic crossing.

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