Posted by: travelrat | June 24, 2015

Bus Cavalcade: Slide Show


I’ve always been interested in exhibitions and cavalcades of vintage vehicles, but, over the years, my attitudes have changed. First, it was ‘My Dad had a car like that once!’ Later, it became ‘I had a car like that once’.

Then, somewhat alarmingly, I came upon a lovingly restored, much cherished ‘classic’ (name withheld out of respect for its owner!) … ‘That was an absolute shed in its day! Biggest pile of crap on four wheels!’ … and I remembered talking my son out of buying a much-used one!

Now, very few people actually owned a bus, but the recent Anniversary Cavalcade still got the reminiscences flowing:

‘A child single to Wilton was sixpence, and I remember the conductor giving me hell when I paid him with a ten-shilling note!’

Of course, the ten-shilling note has long since been replaced by the fifty pence piece … and it’ll take more than one to get to Wilton these days.

Since I posted last week, I’ve had several requests for more pictures, so here they are. And, there’ll be video next week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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