Posted by: travelrat | June 22, 2015

Shanghai: The Museum and the Bund

G3 Shanghai Museum

Shanghai: 22nd May 2014.

At first glance, Shanghai appears to be, in the oft-quoted words of Thorstein Veblen, a ‘temple of conspicuous consumption’. However, a closer inspection reveals it’s much more than that. In spite of all the hype, a stroll along the promenade, or Bund, is really quite pleasant.

We visited the Shanghai Museum, which really is outstanding in its displays of Chinese culture and art. People who do this tour in reverse are really lucky, for the museum gives a superb ‘briefing’ of what to expect, and, with hindsight, I wish we’d been able to visit it earlier in the tour.

There were a couple of highlights to the trip. On was a ride in ‘the fastest lift in the world’, up to the umpteenth floor of a skyscraper. I didn’t go, grumbling I’ve never paid to ride a lift in my life, and I’m not starting now. Lorraine went, though, and brought back a photograph to prove she’d done it.

The other was a ride on what’s claimed to be the fastest train in the world, the MAGLEV, out to the airport. I’m allowed one train ride per trip, so I did go on that. Linda promised a present to anyone who could get a photograph of the train travelling in the other direction. So far, her prize remains unclaimed!



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