Posted by: travelrat | June 17, 2015

Vintage Bus Cavalcade

Bus 2

One day in 1915, a bus wound its way on a country road between Amesbury and Salisbury. From this rather leisurely trip grew the Wilts and Dorset bus company … recently rebranded as ‘Salisbury Reds’, which is just a part of the GoAhead transport group.

Until they discontinued it some years ago, that Salisbury-Amesbury route, through the Woodford Valley, was always Route No 1 on the W&D network.

Last Sunday, they decided to mark their 100th Anniversary by holding a Cavalcade of vintage buses in Salisbury. Visitors could inspect … even ride on … the buses of yesteryear. There weren’t buses from all ages, though; I don’t think there was anything much earlier than 1960. I think I must be getting old, when stuff I used to use every day is thought of as ‘vintage’

The whole display reminded me of ‘things that aren’t there any more’ … I’m thinking of rear-loading buses and bus conductors, and when did I last see a bus driver wearing a cap?

All these things are gone, and we didn’t really notice their going.

Another thing that we don’t seem to come across any more is the musty, rather horsey smell that some of the older buses used to have.

There were modern buses too … I think, ranged to show the different liveries the GoAhead group use. Even Salisbury Reds buses aren’t all painted the same … although they are basically red.

Bus 1



  1. Fun! I would’ve loved exploring all of those buses.

    • I have a slide show and some video of the buses coming up in the next couple of weeks.

      • Woot woot! I’ll be checking them out.

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