Posted by: travelrat | June 10, 2015

The Ancestor is Off Again!


He’s off on his travels again!

No, not me, but ‘Arnold the Ancestor’, the giant metal sculpture usually to be seen outside the Holiday Inn, in Amesbury. Not always, though … we have a joke that he gets bored with kneeling in his usual position, greeting the rising sun and, every Summer, gets up and goes walkabout for a change of scenery.

In actual fact, Andy Rawlings and Michelle Topps, his creators, designed him so he could be (fairly) easily disassenbled, and transported elsewhere. This time, the bottom half is going to the Festival at Glastonbury, while his top half is going to a so far undisclosed destination ‘further north’. When he’s finished there, he’ll be reunited with his legs at Glastonbury.

I happened to be passing by as he was being taken apart, and just happened to have a video camera on me … handy things, these GoPros. You can see the video at . It’s had nearly 250 views in 24 hours; there’s a lesson to be learnt from it, too.

Always check the lens doesn’t need cleaning before shooting!


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