Posted by: travelrat | June 3, 2015

The Vikings

Sarum 155 5_copy

Old Sarum: May 25th 2015

When the Vikings came to Old Sarum a couple of years ago, (see ) they were at pains to point out that not all of them were bloodthirsty warriors, who wouldn’t get to the party at Valhalla if they didn’t die with a sword in their hand. Some, they said, came as peaceful traders.

But. this time, they came mainly hell-bent on a bit of plunder and pillage, and it was the lot of the occupying Saxons to prevent them from doing this. Now, the good thing about re-enacting this period is that the clothing, armour and equipment are so similar that players can ‘be’ Saxon or Viking as the scenario required.

Sarum 155 6_copy

Once more, I had my English Heritage shirt on to help to steward the event, so it didn’t really seem appropriate to carry a DSLR camera around with me; I have plenty of pictures of Vikings anyway. But, my GoPro will slip unobtrusively into a pocket, so, if a photo or video op does arise, I can take it.


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