Posted by: travelrat | May 27, 2015

Queen Margaret Returns to Old Sarum

Sarum 155 3_copy

Old Sarum: May 4th 2015

It’s been a couple of years since Queen Margaret of Anjou, at the head of the Lancastrian forces stopped at Old Sarum on her way to York, and attempted to take the castle from its Yorkist garrison. You can read about this ‘battle’ at … despite all the cabbages hurled at the castle walls by the trebuchet, she didn’t succeed, so returned the other day for another attempt.

Since I started volunteering for English Heritage, I’ve been mainly doing my volunteer thing at Stonehenge … but, when they have a re-enactment on at Old Sarum, they need some extra hands to steward the event.

When acting in this capacity, it doesn’t really seem right to carry a DSLR around with me; I have plenty of pictures of re-enactors from this period, anyway. But, you never know when a photo op is going to pop up, and the GoPro will slip handily and unobtrusively into a pocket …

(and, incidentally, she didn’t succeed this time, either!)

Sarum 155 2_copy


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