Posted by: travelrat | May 1, 2015

Boarding at Guadeloupe

Costa Merditerranea_copy

Guadeloupe: 15th March 2015

Today is the day the cruise really started. But, before we leave the Canella Beach Hotel, let me say a few words about it. There were quite a few negative reviews about it on Tripadvisor, but we found it quite adequate for our purpose. It seems, again, that Flights and Packages were trying to find the best deal to keep their prices down, but still provide a satisfactory service. I concluded that most of those reviews were written by people who ‘expected to pay steerage prices for first-class service’.

Anyway, the morning found us waiting on the hotel steps for the coach to take us to the cruise terminal. I whiled away the time trying … unsuccessfully … to photograph a humming bird flitting around the bushes.

At the cruise terminal … well, the kindest thing I can say about the shore organisation at Guadeloupe is maybe they haven’t quite got it together yet. Not that boarding a cruise ship was ever a painless task; there’s enough hassle getting a tenth of that number on an airliner. Even the queueing would have been tolerable if not for the continual grousing and complaining of the two men behind us … I thought of ‘Waldo and Statler’, the two grumpy old men in The Muppet Show.

I prayed they wouldn’t put them on the same table as us in the dining room.

Finally, we boarded the Costa Mediterranea, which is just about at the top of the scale at which I feel comfortable. Some might classify it as a ‘big ship’ … but, a few days later, we were to tie up at St Maarten, next to the Norwegian Getaway …which completely dwarfed it.

Sunrise 1_copy


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