Posted by: travelrat | April 27, 2015

Reed Flute Caves

EL Reed Flute Caves_copy

Guilin: 20th May 2014

We made a couple of calls on the way to the airport to catch our flight to Shanghai. First, we went to the Pearl Museum, where they told us about the cultivation of freshwater and saltwater pearls. And, of course, it was more than a museum. There’s a gift shop, too. My advice here is to leave your credit cards on the coach. I didn’t … but, hopefully, the purchases we made will enable us to cross Broome off the list for next time we visit Australia.

Then … more steps! Sometimes, I think you must have to climb steps to visit every tourist attraction in China. These ones led to the Reed Flute Caves, so called because of the reeds from which flutes were made, which once grew here.

ELB Reed Flute Caves_copy

Inside were more steps … up and down … which led to imposing limestone formations and underground lakes. A particular attraction is called ‘Shanghai Skyline’, which does resemble a city skyline under the light.

On the way to the airport, we passed a brown sign, pointing the way to Xanadu! And, ‘Alph, the sacred river’ could have run under any of these limestone mountains.

EM Outside Reed Flute Cave_copy


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