Posted by: travelrat | April 24, 2015


Guadeloupe 1_copy

Guadeloupe 14h March 2015


We were looking forward to Guadeloupe, as we’d already had a foretaste with the excellent TV series Death in Paradise. In the event, we didn’t do much but laze around the hotel. There’s plenty of stuff on offer, but it’s mainly fairly energetic, and, after yesterday, we didn’t really feel like any of it. We weren’t too sure about how to get there either, for our hotel is well away from a lot of the fun stuff.  Maybe, if we’d inquired, we might have found something might be organised from the hotel. But, really, we just wanted a quiet, relaxing day.

It’s probably a regular port of call for Costa Cruises … the Costa Fortuna sailed the previous night; today, we were able to watch the arrival of the Costa Magica, and our own ship, the Costa Mediterranea, would arrive the following morning.

'Costa Magica' at Guadeloupe

The hotel was located on the Point de Verdure, but there’s not much ‘verdure’ around these days. There’s still a faint marshy smell around, for this was once a mangrove swamp. Not much of it remains, though. Although there are still some plants alive, most of it is a jungle of bleached-white skeletal stems. I passed a sewage outlet pipe in my wanderings; maybe this has something to do with it?

Mostly, the area is given over to hotels and a casino — I did venture out to look for batteries for my MP3 player, but searched in vain for a supermarket.

But, in the midst of it all was a simple wooden shack, where one of the local craftsmen sold his wares — hats and novelties made from woven palm fronds.

Although we weren’t too impressed with the little we saw … apart from the hotel’s beach, we did understand there’s much more to see and do. Next time, though, we’ll stay somewhere more central for a longer time, and rent a car or something.

And, we’ll look for a better flight than the bum-numbing XL Airways.

Guadeloupe 2_copy




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