Posted by: travelrat | March 11, 2015

Off Again


Tomorrow, we’re off on our travels again, and, once more, the time has come to put the blog into ‘sleep’ mode. Not complete hibernation, though; I should be able to find free or inexpensive wifi from time to time, to put the occasional post up.

Most cruise ships are fitted with wifi, but it’s usually rather expensive, although some cruise lines are, like more and more hotels these days, getting the message that it’s a major selling point and are offering either free access or a reasonably-priced package.

Not ours, though … they still charge by the microsecond. The best thing is still, as Arthur and Pauline Frommer advise, wait until you go ashore, then follow the crew.

Whatever we come across, it’s bound to be an improvement on China last year, from where I could neither post nor tweet from my mobile phone.

We’ll be back towards the end of April with, hopefully, enough ‘blogunition’ to keep us going for quite a while. And, we haven’t finished with China yet!


  1. have an amazing time, look forward to reading about it and seeing photos

    • Thanks; Packing at the moment … to Gatwick (via Brighton) tomorrow; fly to Guadeloupe (via Paris) on Friday; board the ship on Sunday.

  2. Nice! Have a great time. Went on my first cruise this past summer for my birthday. I’m in China currently and never use my cellphone except to text or call people.

    • I had no contact at all on my mobile in China. I’m with EE (Everything Everywhere) which I think should be renamed EEBC (Everything Everywhere but China)!

      • Lol after being here for university, I realize a lot of things are EEBC!

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