Posted by: travelrat | March 4, 2015


One of the slight downsides of cruising is the different currencies some people feel they must take with them. True, you can usually change your money as required on the ship, but often, the rate isn’t all that favourable.

Taking money to spend ashore isn’t, though, always the difficulty it seems to be. On the fjords cruise, we only called at Norwegian ports, so only took Norwegian krone. (We did make a brief foray into Sweden, but don’t know if Norwegian money is accepted there, because we didn’t buy anything.)

On the Baltic cruise, St Petersburg was our only port of call where they didn’t use euros … but, at the souvenir shops at the Summer Palace and the Hermitage, there was always an assistant handy with a calculator to convert roubles to euros whenever anyone showed an interest in something.

Researching our next cruise, though, showed we would, in theory, need a basket of half a dozen currencies … but, in practice, pounds sterling, US dollars or Euros would be accepted almost anywhere. And, the beauty about euros is we already have a fairish stash from previous trips.

If you confine yourself to these currencies, though, it’s good to ensure that a proportion of it is in low value notes … because, often, you might get your change in the local currency. Notes are fine; you can usually change them at the bank when you get home. But, coins … all you can do with them usually, if you don’t want to keep them as a souvenir, is drop them in a charity tin at an airport or bank or somewhere.


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