Posted by: travelrat | March 2, 2015

Cormorant Fishing

Photograph by Lorraine Kellett

Photograph by Lorraine Kellett

Li River: 19th May 2014.

Cormorant fishing used to be common in south-east Asia. The fisherman would tame some of these birds, and train them to dive for fish, as cormorants do. But, a string would be tied around the bird’s neck, so he couldn’t snarf any but the smallest fish, and had to give them to the fisherman.

.They don’t do it commercially in China any more because of Government restrictions on fishing in the rivers because of over-fishing. But, they do allow a few cormorant fishermen to operate, to show the craft to visitors. We took an evening cruise on the Li River to see one of these demonstrations,

I left the Nikon in the hotel room, and only took the GoPro, for I didn’t fancy fiddling with two cameras in the dark. I got some good video, which you’ll see later, but, unfortunately, the stills weren’t satisfactory at all. Fortunately, Lorraine got some decent shots, so I can illustrate this piece.

Since the fisherman’s raft had a bright pressure light in the bows, we were able to get an excellent view of these graceful birds in action, and later, go ashore to see them close up.

The total catch would have just about filled a sardine tin, but it was interesting to watch, anyway


  1. Pretty interesting

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