Posted by: travelrat | February 25, 2015

Caribbean in Print.

downloadI often say that the most fun part about writing is research. For each upcoming trip, I read as much stuff as I can lay my hands on about the place. The main source these days is the Internet, but print has its place, too.

Now, over the last few weeks, I’ve been paging through the stack of travel magazines in my office, and I’ve noted a curious thing. Very few of them mention the Caribbean … except for Cuba, where we’re not going. Although, to be fair, I don’t keep each and every magazine that comes to me, just the ones that interest me at the time. Nor have I checked them all out yet.

But, I’ve found the same thing in the rare newspapers I read … only one mention of Guadeloupe, and that mainly concerned the TV series Death in Paradise, which is filmed there.

(Which explains the left hand drives and French number plates on a supposedly British island!)

Nor is there much in the countless holiday brochures that come through my letter box. So, I’m wondering:

  1. Is the Caribbean so ‘yesterday’ that nobody writes about it any more?
  2. Is it so tacky and naff that it’s not considered as a ‘real’ destination?


(dare I hope!?)

Is it an untapped lode just crying out to be written about, photographed and video-ed?

You’ll find out when I get back!

I was also wondering if any literature covers the area. Our Man in Havana springs immediately to mind; some of the James Bond books are set here, also Desmond Bagley’s Wyatt’s Hurricane and Bahama Crisis. Dennis Wheatley set one of his novels in the Caribbean, too … but, that would seem a good reason NOT to visit the place!

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