Posted by: travelrat | February 18, 2015

Costa Mediterranea


‘Costa Mediterranea’ courtesy of Rooster PR


When I posted last week about our upcoming cruise on the Costa Mediterranea, I illustrated it with a picture of a sister ship, the Costa Serena, because I didn’t have one of the Mediterranea to hand.

I can now remedy that; Rooster PR were kind enough to send me some images, with permission to use them.

The ship falls within my criteria for a ‘medium-sized’ ship … if you’ll forgive me riding my hobby horse again, still a ship, not one of those floating theme parks.

She weighs in at 85,619 tonnes and carries 2680 passengers, with 12 decks, six of which are accessible to passengers, That makes her one of the smaller ones of the Costa fleet, and we’re really looking forward to sailing on her.

And, if you want to track our progress, you can do so at ; there’s a webcam there too.


  1. Have a wonderful cruise, ship looks fantastic

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