Posted by: travelrat | February 4, 2015

Around Flookburgh

Miniature Village_copy

Flookburgh: 19th December 2014

We had a little time in Flookburgh before we went to see Dad, and thought we might take a drive down to the beach. Last time, it may be remembered, we got to inspect the ‘fishing fleet’ … not boats here, but tractors and trailers.

But, on the track down there, we came upon a sternly-locked gate.

Could we go another way? Alas, we finished up in a warren of concrete hardstandings, on which stood a paltry handful of mobile homes and unoccupied caravans. Maybe it’s just me, but, if I owned such, I could think of many better places than Flookburgh to park it.

So, parking the car in the centre of the village, I took a short walk towards Ravenstown, and found the Lakeland Miniature Village. It wouldn’t, I was told, be open until March, but from the little I saw of it, it may be worth a visit in the future.

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