Posted by: travelrat | January 30, 2015

Cruising on the Li River

E4 Li River_copy

Li River: 18th May 2014

We arrived at Guilin from Chengdu late in the evening, after dark. So, we didn’t, at first, see the scenery until the morning, when we awoke to a view from the hotel room window that is the best I’ve seen so far on this tour. We looked out on to a vista of towering limestone pinnacles for which Guilin is famous. It’s also famous for its rain … a bit like the English Lake District, really.

But, we didn’t stay very long. After breakfast, we headed for the dock, where we boarded a boat which would take us for a four-hour cruise up the Li River to Yangshuo.

It’s a popular cruise, for, once more, we were joined by a veritable flotilla of boats leaving Guilin, all at the same time.

E2 Li River_copy

The cruise took us through another spectacular gorge between the mountains, some of which ran right down to the water’s edge. And, all the way, we were accompanied by all manner of craft, right down to simple bamboo rafts. The mist and rain were still with us, but even despite that, we were still impressed with what we saw. But, many a Chinese painting shows a misty scene, so possibly it’s the norm around here.

E6 Arrival at Yangshuo


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