Posted by: travelrat | January 28, 2015

Cumbria Grand Hotel

Cumbria Grand Hotel 1

Grange over Sands: 19th December 2014

We’re staying at the Cumbria Grand Hotel which, although it looks like a former ‘Big House’, was actually built as a hotel in 1880 by the Furness Railway company. Originally called the Hazlewood Hydro, it’s managed to retain most of its Victorian grandeur.

But, best of all are the views, looking out over the Kent Estuary … even from the loo window, which is the best view from a toilet seat I’ve seen for a long time.

You only need walk down the driveway and cross the road, to be at the eastern end of the Promenade, which leads into Grange itself, and almost to the neighbouring village of Kents Bank. But, if you go a short distance the other way, you’ll come to a minor road, which will bring you eventually to a causeway across to an island I’ve long been meaning to check out.

The 'Forbidden Island'_copy

I nearly got there … but found the way barred by a gate, and a sign promising the direst penalties to anyone who proceeded any further without permission.

But, the trip wasn’t entirely wasted. I did manage an excellent picture of the hotel.

Cumbria Grand Hotel 2_copy

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