Posted by: travelrat | January 19, 2015

At Loggerheads

All photos this post by Lorraine Kellett

All photos this post by Lorraine Kellett

Loggerheads Country Park: 25th September 2014

I should have said that not all of us made the trek up Moel Famau; those who didn’t want to go took a more gentle walk around the Loggerheads Country Park.

Now, the name of this place gives rise to an automatic question, to which the answer is ‘Yes!’ Back in the 18th Century, extensive lead mining went on here, and two landowners had serious issues with each other over the boundary between their properties and, more importantly, the mining rights.

The dispute was settled in 1763, and the Boundary Stone was placed … although, it seems, not to the satisfaction of either party, who remained ‘at Loggerheads’ for the rest of their days.

It does lead me to wonder, though, if there’s any connection with the Loggerhead Turtle?

Lorraine writes:

The park is maintained by many volunteers including local schools.  There’s a picnic area, tea rooms and, of course, an information centre.

Two gentle walks are possible; one by the river starting from the Water Mill, and the second starts from the Riverside and leads up through the woods to the top of the limestone cliffs.

And, here are her photographs.

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