Posted by: travelrat | December 29, 2014

Concert at the Cathedral

St. Asaph: 24th September 2014.

A poll on a social media site recently asked ‘Who is the best guitarist of all time?’. Rather a silly question, I thought, for surely, the answer would depend on what kind of music you liked? It seemed a lot of people agreed; the answers varied from Andres Segovia to Eric Clapton!

I thought of not a name but a list … Julian Bream, Craig Ogden, Hank Marvin, Django Reinhardt, Carlos Santana … to that list, I can add Xue Fei Yang, who gave a solo guitar recital in St Asaph Cathedral.

Now, in the olden days, having a Cathedral meant the status of a ‘City’ was conferred on a community, and it’s debatable whether St. Asaph, St. Davids, Ripon or Wells can claim to be the smallest city in the UK.

Whether or not, it’s still worth a visit, concert or not. Fei’s repertoire consisted of European classical works, as well as traditional Chinese pieces she’d arranged herself. I don’t have any pictures; I didn’t think it appropriate to take a camera. I did take an audio recorder, but found out later it’s not compatible with Windows 8. And, I’d probably be in breach of copyright, anyway.

I hadn’t heard of this lady before … but, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about her.

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