Posted by: travelrat | December 12, 2014



Chongqing: 15th May 2014

We settled down for a four-hour coach ride to Chongqing, where we had lunch before going on to Chengdu. But first, of course, there was a bustling market to be visited. I didn’t make any video … once more, I’d forgotten to charge my camcorder … so I’ll do a slide show instead.

We ate in a first-floor restaurant, with a covered balcony giving good views of the busy street below. A good location for some candid street photography.

We had a dish of minced beef mixed with noodles, and a thought came to me. Was it possible that Marco Polo was familiar with this dish, and the dumplings of Xi’an, and took the recipes home with him … to develop into ravioli and spaghetti Bolognese?

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