Posted by: travelrat | December 1, 2014

Queen Victoria Slept Here

The Battlements_copy

Arundel Castle: 10th October 2014.

When mid-day struck, the castle itself opened. The first place we made for was the coffee shop, for our ‘Gold Plus’ ticket included a voucher for a free coffee, as well. But, we also bought some cake, because it was lunchtime. The coffee shop is in what used to be the kitchen, but the rest of the castle is left pretty much as it was when the family ceased to live there.

Like other ‘stately homes’, there are paintings of family members through the ages hanging on the walls, and on the tables, there are photographs, not only of the family, but also the prominent people they mixed with.

It’s not only photographs. It’s their proud boast that one of the bedrooms was where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were accommodated when they stayed at the castle. And she’s only one of several historical people who have visited.

Now, as I said before, photography is prohibited within the castle; if you want pictorial souvenirs, you’ll have to buy a guide book or a postcard. But, I assume, this prohibition doesn’t extent to the Keep and the battlements outside … because, as is usual in a castle, there’s some great views of the surrounding countryside.

View from the Top_copy


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