Posted by: travelrat | November 28, 2014

The Yoghurt Farm

Tal y Bryn_copy

Elwy Valley: 24th September 2014.

Before we leave Denbigh behind, I must pay tribute to Robert, the driver of our coach. The lane up to the castle is narrow, with unyielding stone walls on each side. Robert was a bit reluctant to drive up there, so let us off at the foot of the hill to walk up. But, while we were inspecting the Castle, he checked the lane on foot, to see if he could indeed drive up there.

So it was that he met us with the coach just outside the castle, and … just … managed to get it downhill without leaving any paint on the walls.

Having visited the ‘Wireless in Wales’ museum, we then headed up the beautiful Elwy Valley, to lunch at the Llaeth y Llan yoghurt factory.

But, when we got there … no lunch! They weren’t expecting us till tomorrow! But, if we did the tour of the factory before lunch, instead of after, we could be accommodated.

Llaeth y Llan_copy

I won’t say too much about how the yoghurt is made. What struck me was, once again, how old buildings have been adapted to modern use, without losing their atmosphere. For Tal y Bryn, where the factory is located, was, in the not too distant past, a dairy farm. But, Gareth Roberts and his wife Falmai had the foresight to study food production, and look to the possibility of diversification if needed.

Times did indeed become difficult for dairy farmers, but Gareth found he had hit the spot with his yoghurt. Indeed, so popular did his product become that he gave up dairy farming completely, and sourced his milk from a neighbouring farmer.So, everything’s as natural as possible … and the final product is delicious.

The former farmhouse is now a comfortable guest house, and a restaurant can provide afternoon tea of a delicious home-cooked buffet. You do have to book a day in advance, though

Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts


  1. loved your posts on Denbigh area, our home stomping ground. Great to see local things through a visitors eyes

    • Hi, Sandra!

      Welcome! I hope you like the other stuff on here, too!

      I have one or two other bits and pieces arising from our blog trip to the Vale of Clwyd to post in the coming weeks, and there’s a possibility of another trip to N. Wales in the New Year.

      I see you’re headed to Spain right now? Looking forward to reading your posts from there!



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