Posted by: travelrat | November 12, 2014

Shenong Stream: Yangtze River

Shenong Stream 1_copy

Yangtze River: 13th May 2014

This morning, we were awakened by the squawking of a loudspeaker … at 6 a.m., from the ship moored alongside. There’s probably an ancient Chinese torture called ‘Death by Loudspeaker’, for it seems that life everywhere is ruled by announcements … even at mealtimes, telling us stuff that we already knew from the daily handouts anyway.

Even the guides sometimes carry portable loudspeakers; our excellent Linda gets extra points because she didn’t.
Today’s excursion was a sail up the Shenong Stream; a ‘stream’ no longer since the dam was built and the gorge flooded. So, it’s now possible to sail up the gorge.

Not in the Yangtze 2, though. It’s too big for that. We transferred to a ferry, which would have given some excellent views if not for the haze and mist. But, having said that, many Chinese paintings show misty scenes, so maybe it’s a common occurrence around here?

Shenong Stream 2_copy

We came ashore at a Cultural Centre … strictly speaking, below the centre, for we had several steps to negotiate to achieve it.
We watched a demonstration of music and dance, and strolled around the inevitable souvenir stalls that had been set up in the square.

In the centre of the square, dancers performed to a drummer thumping out a repetitive ‘boom boom CLANG; boom boom CLANG’

I expected the ghost of Freddie Mercury to appear at any minute, and start singing ‘We Will Rock You’!

CH Shenong Stream Cultural Centre_copy


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