Posted by: travelrat | October 24, 2014

Italian Food: Not All Pasta.

2014-10-09 18.10.20

Brighton: 9th October 2014.

Fortunately, it didn’t rain on the parade, but we drove into it on the way to Brighton, where we were to meet Ellie. The M27 is a reasonable drive, but, after we left the motorway, the A27 seems to have a roundabout every mile or so; sometimes, it seems you can just about get into top gear before you have to shift down again for the next one.

So, where to go for dinner? An Italian restaurant, Zizzi, overlooking the Marina, was selected … there’s a balcony where you can watch the boats while you eat. Not that anyone used it today, but we did manage to get a table by the window, where we could watch the sea crashing over the breakwater.

Of course, Italian cuisine isn’t all about pasta with everything, any more than English cooking is chips with everything (although it seems that way sometimes)

I had the Lamb Rosemario … a leg of lamb cooked to perfection, on a bed of creamy mashed potato. It seemed faintly familiar … then I remembered a similar dish I’d eaten up in the Lake District. But, that was called Lamb Henry.

Was this a parallel development, or did the recipe ‘move’? I recalled a cotelette Milanese I’d had in Venice some years ago. I remarked that it was very similar to a wiener schnitzel.

‘It is!’ said the waiter ‘The Austrians stole the recipe form us!’

I wonder what they say about it in Vienna?


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