Posted by: travelrat | October 13, 2014

Yangtze Cruise: Day One

Inside Yangtze 2_copy

Yichang: 11th May 2014

From Xi’an, we flew to Wuhan, followed by a four-hour coach ride to Yichang. We passed countless rice paddies, and I tried to get some video through the window of the fast-moving coach, without much success. But, when we stopped for a break, I was able to get slightly more satisfactory results. What I didn’t know was I’d have the opportunity to get some really good stuff later.

When we arrived at Yichang, we boarded the Yangtze 2 for our cruise. We weren’t going anywhere that night, though; the ship wasn’t going to sail until the morning.

We’d upgraded to an Executive Suite, although all cabins have a balcony. We were also impressed by the glass elevator. Both of these sometimes give views of the scenery outside the ship … and sometimes, just views of a rather dilapidated dockside, or the ship moored alongside.

The food was, of course, Chinese … a pick-what-you-like, all-you-can-eat buffet.

Two programmes are on offer each day; one is included in the fare, the other an optional extra that you have to pay a supplement for.

The ship is only a couple of years old, and well presented. Our cabin was roomy and spacious, in which we settled comfortably while we waited to see what the next day brought.

Yangtze 2_copy

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