Posted by: travelrat | October 3, 2014

Xi’an Video

Xi'an By Night

Xi’an: 11th May 2014.

We flew from Xi’an to Wuhou, from where a coach took us to Yichang, where we were to join the ship for our Yangtze cruise. To sum up our time in Xi’an, of course, I have a video. The making of it presented me with the problem which sometimes faces anyone who produces any form of art, be it sculpture, writing or photography.

What to include, and what to take out?

Writers have a saying ‘Kill all your darlings’ … which means, if it doesn’t quite fit, even if it’s a phrase or paragraph you’re proudest of, it should go.

So, quite a fair amount of ‘good stuff’ finished up on the ‘virtual cutting room floor’ … but I shan’t throw it away. Maybe, one day, I can make another video out of it?

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