Posted by: travelrat | September 18, 2014

Lights and a Garden

Xi'an by Night

Xi’an: 10th/11th May 2014.

After we’d visited the Terra Cotta Warriors, we had a light lunch, followed by a demonstration of tea-making. That’s a ritual that’s almost a ceremony … alas, I never had a tea-break that long!

That evening, the rain had abated enough for us to enjoy the Xi’an By Night tour. That’s an extravaganza of lights, LED displays and a musical water fountain. Words and pictures can do it no justice … even video is no real substitute for actually being there. The highlight of the tour is the musical fountain … or rather, fountains; it’s the size of several football pitches.

Musical Fountain

The following day, we stopped at the Snow Goose Pagoda on the way to the airport. I was expecting just a quick photo stop, but we actually spent a considerable time there. It’s set in an extensive garden, where people take exercise, and join their friends in practising Tai-Chi.

Snow Goose Pagoda (2)

There’s also a cultural centre there, where they demonstrate Chinese painting and calligraphy. And, it was only as we got back on the coach that I realised … we didn’t actually go into the pagoda. But, an interesting visit, nevertheless

Chinese Painting

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