Posted by: travelrat | September 16, 2014

Drayton Manor and Thomas Land

Drayton Manor

Tamworth: 17th August 2014.

Normally, I don’t have a very positive view of theme parks. The more popular ones are usually overcrowded and you seem to spend more time queueing for the rides than actually riding them.

This isn’t the case at Drayton Manor, though. We visited in the middle of August, and there were many people there, but it didn’t feel crowded, and we got the stuff we wanted with a minimum of queueing.

There are train rides and a boat trip, and rides to suit all tastes, from white-knuckle rides for the thrill-seekers to pink-knuckle rides for the ‘tinies’ and those of a more nervous disposition.

The main attraction was ‘Thomas Land’; a theme park within a theme park, based on ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ the animated railway engine created by the Rev. W Awdrey … stories originally for his children, which grew into a series of books, then into a world-wide franchising operation.

Four-year old William is one of Thomas’ greatest aficionados, so we couldn’t not visit ‘Thomas and Friends’. And he knows all about it:

‘Come and have your photo taken with Thomas, William!’

‘That’s not Thomas! It’s Gordon!’

(Silly old Grand-dad! He should have realised that the model wasn’t a tank engine)

But, there’s much more besides. We didn’t have a ride on the train pulled by Thomas, but there’s another miniature railway outside Thomas Land … and that gives you a longer ride, and shows you much more.


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