Posted by: travelrat | September 11, 2014

Terra Cotta Army: Video

Terra Cotta Workshop

Xi’an: 10th May 2014.

We’d already seen some of the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Shaanxi Museum in Xi’an. Today, we were going to see the rest of them in situ.

But first, they took us to a factory where, as well as refurbishing the ‘originals’, they make replicas, some full size, others miniature, to sell to the visitors.

I thought one of them might make a good garden ornament, but then, thought of the shipping costs and decided against it.

Lacquer furniture_copy

They also made the exquisite lacquered furniture. Again, just for a moment I wished I had a bigger house … then thought of all the extra dusting.

Then, it was off to see the Warriors … through the lashing rain! But, we had umbrellas, and the pits in which the Warriors are ranged were under cover. So, sit back and enjoy the video.



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