Posted by: travelrat | August 26, 2014

Looe: Things Ain’t Wot They Used to Be

Looe 2

Looe: 6th June 2014.

I wonder if I was thinking of somewhere else, for when we arrived at Looe, it was nothing like the charming village I remember when I last visited 30 years ago.

Then, it seemed, every other person you met was an artist, and every other house or shop was an art gallery or a studio. Maybe the artists felt their work was getting a bit cliched, and moved on?

Looe 3

But, some things remain. The narrow inlet, the colourful fishing boats … and you still have to leave your car a fair distance away from the centre of things, for those narrow streets are difficulty to negotiate without much argument and unseemly language … and, if you do manage it, you won’t find anywhere to park.

But, any disappointment was soon countered, for, like anywhere else in Cornwall, there are still bakeries that do great pasties … and an establishment that sells superlative ice cream.

Looe 1


  1. Interesting place and photos, thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for visiting, and I’m pleased you liked it. I’m sure anyone visiting for the first time would love the place. But, I felt something missing from the atmosphere since my last visit … maybe it was imagination; mayne just looking backwards through heavily rose-tinted glasses? …

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