Posted by: travelrat | August 22, 2014


Xi'an City Walls

Xi’an: 9th May 2014.

Fortunately, the drizzly weather that greeted our arrival at Xi’an didn’t affect our planned activity too much. Most of what we came to see is indoors.

At the Shaanxi Museum, artefacts show some of the history of China … which helped understanding a great deal, for very little of this stuff was taught in our schools. There’s even a few of the famous Terra Cotta Warriors here. We were going to visit the actual site next day, but I took some pictures, lest report be true that photography isn’t allowed on the site.

(In actual fact, it is, as long as you don’t use flash …. which, as you’ll see in my upcoming video, most visitors seemed to disregard)


Outside the museum, there was a stall selling colourful Chinese kites. I thought that they might make good presents for our grandsons, but I got overruled. I could help them to play with kites, but not with cuddly pandas!

The rain eased off enough for a quick visit to the imposing city walls … along the top of which some people were walking and riding bicycles. They’re even firm and wide enough to drive on … but only if you work there. Maybe we’ll get a better sight of them at the Xi’an Light Show tomorrow night … weather permitting.

Terra Cotta Warrior at Shaanxi Museum

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