Posted by: travelrat | August 8, 2014

St. Michael’s Mount

St Michael's Mount 2

St. Michael’s Mount: 5th June 2014.

In the 11th Century, King Edward the Confessor gave the Benedictine order a rocky islet in Mount’s Bay. Here, they founded a priory, said to be the ‘twin’ of Mont St. Michel, in Normandy … the situation is the same, and the two islets roughly the same shape.

It had a fairly diverse history, being used as a stronghold in many wars and rebellions, the main event was its being held by Royalist forces in the Civil War until 1646.

In 1659, it was sold to Colonel John St. Aubin, whose descendants still take an active part in the management of the islet, although it’s now in the care of the National Trust.

St Michael's Mount 3

You can get a boat to the islet, or, at low tide, you can walk to it along a causeway. I walked across, and spent some time inspecting the cottages and the little harbour, although I didn’t go up to the house itself, as it was getting rather late. So, I just wandered around taking photographs.

I did manage a word with the boatman who brought the mail over. The postman, apparently, didn’t deliver any more, although he used to. I recalled Piel Island, where the residents had to go over to the mainland for their mail, as the delivery service had been withdrawn for health and safety reasons. Maybe that’s the case here?

St Michael's Mount 1


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