Posted by: travelrat | August 1, 2014

Rickshaw Ride: Video


Beijing: 8th May 2014.

‘Rickshaw’ is a bit of a misnomer. Strictly speaking, it’s a two-wheeled carriage for two people, but hauled by a man, rather than a horse. They seem to be non-existent in China these days, having been replaced by the ‘trishaw’, which is propelled by pedal-power. Sometimes, they’re motorised, and are used for carrying bulky loads or entire extended families.

Motorised Trishaw

Through the narrow lanes we sped, passing small businesses, shops and houses. Many people were going about their business; some heavily laden, some just casually strolling. Occasionally, someone called out a greeting to the driver. Sometimes, we met a trishaw or other vehicle coming the other way, with the road restricted by a parked car or something. But, good humour and politeness always seemed to prevail … a far cry from the congested main roads of the city.

It was only a short visit to the hutongs, but gave us a taste of the place in the literal sense, as well as the metaphorical. When Wendy Wu Tours said they were going to show us the real China … they meant it!

Acrobatic Show

The evening entertainment was the Myth Jinsha Acrobatic Show. Acrobatics, of course, culminating in a development of the Wall of Death. Instead of a cylindrical track, the rider rode his motor bike on the inside of a metal mesh ball. That was impressive enough, but when he was joined by THREE other motorcyclists … !!!

I wonder how many bikes they wrecked practising that routine?



  1. Your rickshaw ride sounds a lot less dangerous than the Wall of Death motorbike show! Sounds like a great adventure you’re having (or had) in China :-).

    • The rickshaw ride is quite sedate really. But, that Wall of Death was something else … a conventional one with two riders was enough to make my toenails curl … (mind you. one of the riders was my cousin! 🙂 )

      Hope you’ll stay around … much more to come!



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