Posted by: travelrat | July 30, 2014


Mousehole 3

Mousehole: 5th June 2014.

The guide books tell us it’s pronounced ‘Mowzle’. But, remember we’re in a county where I once spent ten minutes trying to find ‘Snarstle’ in my road atlas, before realising he meant ‘St. Austell’.

Nobody really knows the reason for this strange name; in the Cornish language, it’s Porthenys … but local legend says it takes its name from a cave on the nearby islet of St. Clement’s, which it is said resembles a gigantic ‘mowzle’.

Mousehole 2

What a contrast to the tacky tourist trap that Land’s End has become! True, there are plenty of gift shops, craft shops and galleries, but these don’t really overshadow the main business of the town. Although it sees only a fraction of the fishing traffic it once saw, there are, as at Port Isaac and St. Ives, notices advising that this is still a working port, and requesting visitors to act accordingly.

Mousehole 1


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