Posted by: travelrat | July 21, 2014

Land’s End

Lands EndLands End 2

Land’s End: 5th June 2014.

I last visited Land’s End in 1979, and a lot has changed since then. If I remember correctly, there was just the ‘First and Last House’, a car park and the opportunity to have your photograph taken by the famous signpost. Thus, you could go home and prove to your friends that you have indeed stood on the south-westernmost point of mainland Britain … but, most of all, enjoyed the clifftop views, looking out to the Wolf Rock and the Longships lighthouse … and, if you’re lucky, the Isles of Scilly.

(I am informed, incidentally, that the islanders take exception to their home being referred to as the ‘Scilly Isles’)





















Since then, though, it’s become a rather tacky tourist trap, with shopping outlets and a theme park. Lesley Gillilan, in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly put it a lot better than I can, with the words:

‘… a dispiriting collection of buildings, with all the charm of a motorway service area …’

My sentiments exactly!

It does have one redeeming feature, though. There’s a stall in it that sells scrumptious Cornish pasties! That, I can forgive. And, they couldn’t take away the spectacular view … otherwise, I might have regretted not staying in St. Ives and taking that boat ride.

Lands End 3



  1. I went there too, with friends. I remember visiting a restaurant for a pasty (pretty good) and seeing some kind of performance in a theater space there. All I remember (this was a while back) is hearing helicopter blades whirring above my head and being lightly sprayed with a mist of water. (Quite refreshing!)

    • You can’t visit Cornwall without eating at least one pasty! Forget the ersatz supermarket travesty you get elsewhere; this is the real thing. In fact, I think it’s illegal to sell bad pasties in Cornwall.

      • LOL! The pasty I had there was very good. There’s a place near me where I can get a genuine pasty and I stop in sometimes. The owners are from the U.K. and make the pasty the traditional way. Yum!

      • Are you in Michigan? I heard about a place in the Upper Peninsula where they make them.

      • No, DC metro area.

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