Posted by: travelrat | July 9, 2014

Jade, Bird’s Nests and Kung Fu

The Bird's Nest

Beijing: 7th May 2014.

We had lunch in a restaurant on the upper floor of the Jade Gallery. We were told of the role of jade in Chinese culture, and, of course, had the opportunity to buy some. I did wonder whether the primary objective of the visit was lunch or the jade?

On the way back to town, the coach stopped briefly so we could photograph the 2008 Olympic Stadium, known locally as the ‘bird’s nest’. In truth, though, I found the nearby ‘wiggly tower’, apparently, designed by an architect smoking some serious stuff … more photogenic. However, it did cause me to wonder if, possibly, architects compete for a prize for The Most Outrageous Design.

The Wiggly Tower

After dinner, we went to the Red Theatre, to see the ‘Legend of Kung Fu’ show. This tells the story of a small boy who becomes a monk, and learns the skills from an early age. This is the genuine article, too, for all the performers (with, I assume, the exception of the women) are really monks who have spent all their lives learning the art … a layman just couldn’t manage some of the feats we saw.

Kung Fu show

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