Posted by: travelrat | July 4, 2014

Port Isaac

Port Isaac Pano

Port Isaac: 4th June 2014.

It might appear that our road trip to Cornwall was rather rushed, but our visitors particularly wanted to see the county, and we wanted to show them as much as possible in the limited time available. So, we only paid a short visit to each place, but still got some nice photos.

We’ve long been fans of the TV series ‘Doc Martin’. Mainly because Martin Clunes is such a fine actor; we couldn’t help contrasting his grumpy, irascible ‘Dr. Ellingham’ with a previous role as the caring, likeable undertaker in ‘William and Mary’.

Port Isaac Doc Martin's House

The setting was a big draw, too. The series is set in the fictional village of Porth Wenn, but was shot in Port Isaac. You can see ‘Doc Martin’s House’ and the school. In fact, the whole village looks pretty much as it appears on TV.

Port Isaac School

It’s still a working fishing port, though, and, although some ‘touristification’ has taken place, neither it nor the TV connection have taken the place over completely.

Port Isaac

We’re staying just outside Marazion, where a main selling point is that it’s within walking distance of St. Michael’s Mount. However, we haven’t visited it yet, just photographed it from a distance while the light was good, which it may not be tomorrow.

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