Posted by: travelrat | July 2, 2014

Great Wall: Video

Great Wall 1

Juyong Pass: 7th May, 2014

I found it difficult to believe that they actually staged a marathon along the Great Wall. Although, on reflection, it’s highly likely that they may have held it in a less mountainous location. The stretch by the Juyong Pass is difficult enough to walk, let alone run.

I am informed that ‘Juyong’ means ‘the place of the conscripts’, which seems to imply that this section of wall was built with forced labour. That doesn’t surprise me; they just couldn’t pay me enough to haul building materials up those slopes voluntarily!

The short distance I did climb does, I suppose, entitle me to say I have walked on the Great Wall … but not to buy a T-shirt, which omits the vital word ‘on’, and seems to imply you’ve done the whole thing, from start to finish. Which is impossible; your visa would have expired before you got a quarter of the way!

The best thing is just to trace the route with your eyes … or, maybe, like here, your camcorder!


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